Discover how you can MAKE THE CHANGE to a KICKASS healthy lifestyle in JUST 7 DAYS!

  • Are you constantly feeling tired, irritable and stressed out?
  • Do you battle to stay focused and productive?
  • Can you feel a need to revamp your health, wellness, fitness and nutrition?

Then it sounds like you need a LIFESTYLE RESET, and I can help you with this right now!

It’s time to live the life you deserve!

(and discover the amazing weight loss benefits that come along with it!)


With Iron Angels, I Want To Help You Find Your Essence Again …


Hi there 🙂

My name is Sharon, and I put this guide together to help you get started on your journey to living a kickass healthy life!

I started Iron Angels because I believe in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, radical goal setting and a holistic approach to life.

I wanted to empower women by showing them it was possible to achieve all the goals they set themselves in areas like fitness, weight loss and wellness by simply living a kickass healthy wellness oriented lifestyle, and this 7 day guide is designed to help you get started doing exactly that!

Being an Angel is about more than just your health, nutrition and fitness training.

It’s about taking care of your soul and doing those things that feed your soul and bring you back to your essence – those things that make you tick and the things we often forget as busy women, partners and parents.

The Iron Angels tribe, whether online or in the fitness studio, is a place of zero judgement.

It is our safe zone where we can just be ourselves, have fun, relax, get fit and be fabulous!

My aim is to provide women like you with all round holistic wellness to set you up for your BEST LIFE EVER.

I value YOU, my Iron Angels and I want you to value yourself.

As you follow my 7 day Iron Angels guide to a kickass healthy lifestyle, you’ll discover:

How To Find Your Way To Wellness

Discover the 8 essential components of wellness.

Where YOU Are On The Wellness Wheel

Where exactly are you on the wellness wheel?

How You Can Be Empowered To Succeed

Realise the power of being a S.M.A.R.T. Angel

How To Harness The Power Of Setting Goals

Learn to to see your wellness unfold

How Eating Right Is The Key To Unlimited Power

Your power comes from inside & what you put in 

Take The First Step To Living A
Kickass Fit And Healthy Lifestyle Today!

I want you to have a holistic experience with Iron Angels by working and looking after your mind, body and soul.

To get started, just enter your name and email and I’ll send you my 100% FREE 7 Day Kickass Healthy Lifestyle Reset Guide that will take you from feeling fatigued to FABULOUS!

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See what existing Iron Angels have to say …

Sharon is just a powerball of inspiration and positive energy! She has encouraged me in so many ways to let go of old and useless negative selftalk, and embrace a fresh, new healthy attitide to life! Love her to bits and recommend an hour in her company as therapy.

Niqui Cloete-Barrass

Sharon is great at what she does. She not only helped me get lean and fit, but I swear she helped me fall pregnant when I had been struggling for years. l highly recommend her Iron Angels classes.

Katherine Jean Wilkinson

Sharon is definitely a bit of a sadist… But in the best possible way! She understands injury, and works well with every level of fitness. My first 6 months training with her changed my strength and fitness completely!

Sheena Wilson-O’keeffe

Sharon is incredibly amazing! Creative fitness. Catered for every level!

Dawn Anderson Nunes

Started with Sharons lockdown live classes and absolutely love them!! Love the vibe and the different exercises each session makes it new and not boring. Lost 2kgs my first week in lockdown doing her workouts, love love love them.

Jocelyn Young

I have been doing Sharons classes every day since the start of lockdown. They have been my sanity and I have loved them all, even the killers :). I am a triathlete so the exercises have been great for my strength training, and for general toning of my body. To add to this Sharon is so energetic and positive, which makes a person enjoy the classes even more. I can’t start my day without these classes.

Robyn Dougans

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