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About Us

Live in your world and come play in ours…

The Iron Angels studio is situated in a leafy garden setting where we get together to “play”. YES we work hard. YES we train like warriors. But we do this is a fabulously fun way that is supportive and comes with loads of laughs.

Our training consists mostly of body weight & functional training, but is interspersed with tire flipping, a bit of weight training, some running and sprinting, and off course boxing and kicking.

The studio is our safe zone – our NO judgement zone – a place where we recharge, become strong, fit and fabulous.

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The Studio

The studio is located at a private dwelling. It is a space with ZERO judgement and loads of support, fun, laughter and love.

We specialize in restoring bodies to what nature intended them to be – strong, lean, healthy and fabulous.

Our training is a hybrid between body weight exercises, functional exercises and a bit of weight work.