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Join Iron Angels and Get Exclusive Offers! Members get access to not only fabulous fitness training, but also to other amazing value added services and a supportive tribe of people caring and sharing with one another. There are SO many benefits you gain access to when...

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From fatigued to FABULOUS!

If you are constantly tired, stressed out, and need to revamp your health, wellness, fitness and nutrition - WE CAN HELP YOU! Let us take you from fatigued to absolutely fabulous with our holistic programs that not only address your physical health and wellness but...

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Live the life you deserve

We believe in PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, radical goal setting and a holistic approach to life - not just your health, nutrition and fitness training, but all round holistic wellness to set you up for your BEST LIFE EVER. We value YOU, our Angels and we want you to value...

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Studio in a private leafy garden

Our studio is set in a private garden setting Life in your world, come play in ours... Our studio is set in a tranquil and private garden setting. This ensures that all our beautiful Angels feel safe and secure while getting their fit on. We specialize in restoring...

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FUN, laughter and ZERO judgement

In the Iron Angels Community we support and love one another, we are fabulous tribe of strong people who care about themselves and their fellow Angels. We are strong, fierce, and fabulous. We take no prisoners while we train, but we care about ourselves, our fellow...

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The Studio

The studio is located at a private dwelling. It is a space with ZERO judgement and loads of support, fun, laughter and love.

We specialize in restoring bodies to what nature intended them to be – strong, lean, healthy and fabulous.

Our training is a hybrid between body weight exercises, functional exercises and a bit of weight work.